Muay Thai in Bangkok

My Reluctant List of Things to Do in Bangkok Thailand

This is my list of things to do in Bangkok. Not my favorite tourist city, but plenty of fun to be had. Get outside of your comfort zone and experience the true Bangkok.

Prague Castle at Sunset from Charles Bridge Prague

The World’s Most Overrated Tourist Cities

Some places have long been media darlings within the travel industry. Popping up on must travel list year after year. But not all of these places deserve to be on such list and some are down right terrible. Here I break down my most overrated tourist cities and give you a few alternatives.


11 Questions I Get Asked About Traveling While Black (Like I have A Choice)

These are the 11 Questions I get Asked most About Traveling While Black. A wide range of topics from money to family, always in good nature.

Homeless Woman Sits in Time Square NYC

Poverty in Places: A Look at Poverty,Travel, and Our Impact

An exploration of global poverty in travel and how we can take steps to end it. Only through empathy and understanding can we help the less fortunate.

Durban Coast

World’s Top Travel Destinations 2016

With the world travel industry in chaos, 2016 is shaping up to be an interesting year for travelers. From wars to plane crashes, travelers are confused about where to go and not. After covering 17 countries in 2015, I’ve compiled a list of the best destinations for 2016 travel to get you started in the right direction. These picks are in no particular order and were selected based on recent travel availability, affordability, and activities. Each one has something very unique to offer and if you’re able to visit them all I’ll encourage you to do so.

Making batter for Kluay Tod at Indigo Pearl Moos Kitchen

The Perfect Recipe for a Thai Cooking Class with Indigo Pearl

Indigo Pearl offers one of Thailands Best Cooking Classes. With expert staff, state of the art facilities, and affordable pricing, you’ll be more than satisfied with their offerings.

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