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Mooncake Display image courtesy of Shangri-La Bangkok

Discovering Mooncakes with Shangri-La Bangkok at Shang Palace

Discovering Mooncakes with Shangri-La Bangkok. The best Mooncakes in Bangkok. The Mid-Autumn festival, A Chinese tradition.

Romanian Trains in Black and White Bucharest Romania

How to Stay Safe and Happy During Train Travel: Train Travel Tips

Train travel is a fun and unique travel experience. With a bit of preparation you can remain safe and happy throughout your journey.

Fans Rave at Untold Festival Romania

Untold Festival Romania: Europe’s Next Great Event

The Untold Festival in Cluj Napoca brought some of the biggest names in music to Romania. Untold is a must visit for music lovers from around the world. Untold will put Transylvania on the map as a must visit destination.

Train from Timisoara at Vrsac Train Station

How to Get from Timisoara Romania to Belgrade Serbia by Train

How to Get From Timisoara to Belgrade by Train. A step by step guide on going from Timisoara Romania to Belgrade Serbia.

Pucari Vineyard Wine Tasting Sommelier

Best Vineyards in Moldova: Touring Moldovan Wine Culture with #DescoperaMoldova

Moldova has some of the worlds best wine. Whites, Reds, and Roses are on full display in this undiscovered gem. Here are my favorites and what you can expect from each vineyard tour.

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