Krakow Old Town

How To Be A Good Expatriate Anywhere In The World or How Not to Make Us Look Bad

On top of the clear stress of moving to another country, one must deal with the added pressure of being a good Expatriate. An Ambassador for your home country if you will. Assuming you want to leave the place better than you found it and pave a positive road for those that come after you, being a good expatriate should be something you strive to achieve. It’s a conscious and daunting task but one that’s proven to increase the benefits of your stay. Not only from a personal one but a humanistic one as well.

The expatriate may be a retiree looking to live out their golden years in paradise. Or a Peace Corp volunteer providing much-needed education to indigenous peoples. But whatever your position, engagement with the local community is essential. Here we give you a few tips on how to be a good Ex-Pat.

Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Euphony Central European Youth Orchestra

Exploring the Budapest Music Scene with Aria Hotel Budapest

The Aria Hotel Budapest presents a look at this Central European cities varied music scene. From Jazz and Blues to Opera and Classical, you’ll have no shortage of options. Come with us as we explore Budapest’s music scene and the beautiful musically themed Aria Hotel Budapest.

Making Chinese Donuts in Bangkok Thailand

Exploring Street Food in Bangkok with WithLocals.Com

Whats Is WithLocals? WithLocals is a company which pairs travelers and locals in 18 countries, to exchange culture and experiences. Local tour guides, experts, and families give guests a personalized look into the local lifestyle. WithLocals aims to give people, particularly in developing countries, the means to make a living doing something they love. With […]

Italian Train Station in the morning

Eurail Global Pass: Is it Worth The Price for Grown Ups?

Europe has long been a continent whose tourism industry has catered to the young backpacker crowd. From pub crawls to Hostel franchises, everyone’s trying to court the young traveler. But what about those of us with a bit more miles on the luggage? Eurail is one of those companies which provides steep discounts for students […]


Take That Concert in Bangkok with Singha Experience

When Singha invited me to see Take That and enjoy the Singha VIP Experience I was skeptical. I really didn’t know much about Take That but I did know how great the Singha Experience is after seeing Carlos Santana. So I agreed to go and can tell you, totally worth it. Granted, not a Take […]

Thai Cookbook at Sompong Thai Cooking School

The Best Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok: Sompong Thai Cooking School

Thai Cuisine has taken the world by storm in the last thirty years. From Los Angeles to Tokyo, Thai restaurants offer varying degrees of authentic Thai cuisine. So it’s no surprise that one of the most popular activities for visitors to Bangkok is to take a Thai cooking class. With so many great options where do you begin? Well, I’ve done the work for you.

After years of visiting and living in Bangkok, I can say with no reservations, Sompong Thai Cooking School is the best Thai cooking school in Bangkok. A bold claim in a city with literally dozens of classes to attend. But let me assure you, this distinction is well deserved.

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