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London for A Day: Hitting London’s Biggest Attractions

London has long been a regular stopover city of mine. Seeing me come through at least 6 times every year. Sometimes I stay a few hours. Sometimes it’s a couple of weeks. No matter how long or short the visit, London always keeps me plenty entertained. My most recent trip was a short one. I arrived at 6 am and had to leave around 10 pm. So I decided to show you what you could do in London for a day. Although it won’t be cheap, I can assure you that you won’t leave without a memory or two.

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Pigs, Cows, and Grapes: Exploring Italian Cuisine with Italian Days Food Experience.

Italy is a special place of culinary excellence. Italian food is defined by an ambiance. By the family. The community. The energy and passion of Italy is infused into every morsel of food produced here. And no place is this sentiment more evident than in the Parma and Reggio Emilia regions.

This region produces some of the country’s most popular culinary delights. Parmigiano-Reggiano, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, and Prosciutto di Parma. With Italian Days and Hotel Touring Bologna, I explored this region to learn more about these Italian delights. And let me say, it was a delicious escapade.

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How To Take Great Travel Portraits and Stand Out in the Crowd

Too often people focus only on the gear they use. Capturing great travel portraits is a combination of technique, gear, and patience. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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How To Be A Good Expatriate Anywhere In The World or How Not to Make Us Look Bad

On top of the clear stress of moving to another country, one must deal with the added pressure of being a good Expatriate. An Ambassador for your home country if you will. Assuming you want to leave the place better than you found it and pave a positive road for those that come after you, being a good expatriate should be something you strive to achieve. It’s a conscious and daunting task but one that’s proven to increase the benefits of your stay. Not only from a personal one but a humanistic one as well.

The expatriate may be a retiree looking to live out their golden years in paradise. Or a Peace Corp volunteer providing much-needed education to indigenous peoples. But whatever your position, engagement with the local community is essential. Here we give you a few tips on how to be a good Ex-Pat.

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Exploring the Budapest Music Scene with Aria Hotel Budapest

The Aria Hotel Budapest presents a look at this Central European cities varied music scene. From Jazz and Blues to Opera and Classical, you’ll have no shortage of options. Come with us as we explore Budapest’s music scene and the beautiful musically themed Aria Hotel Budapest.

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Eurail Global Pass: Is it Worth The Price for Grown Ups?

Europe has long been a continent whose tourism industry has catered to the young backpacker crowd. From pub crawls to Hostel franchises, everyone’s trying to court the young traveler. But what about those of us with a bit more miles on the luggage? Eurail is one of those companies which provides steep discounts for students […]

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