Tourist and Monkey at Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud Indonesia

What do you do if this monkey bites you? What if he has rabies?

Part of what makes travel so special is the unpredictability of it. Unfortunately, sometimes this unpredictability can have life changing consequences. And if you aren’t prepared, it can be a very expensive and life threatening situation. Which is why purchasing travel insurance before you hit the road. But with so many companies offering travel insurance, what should you look for when choosing a travel insurance plan? Here are the key things you should look for when choosing what travel insurance company you want to cover your holiday.


Coverage for Travel Sickness

This should be standard across the board when it comes to travel insurance companies. The reality is, many places don’t have the same food safety standards as we do in say the U.S., U.K., or Australia. So the chances that you might get sick from food is significantly higher. Not to mention just simple illnesses that come up.

The coverage should cover hospital stays, medications, and loss accommodations.


Coverage for Travel Interruption or Delay

Flights get delayed, buses break down, and storms stop boats. That’s the reality of travel. Sometimes your travel plans will be delayed or have to be canceled altogether. It’s important to be able to make a claim on your travel insurance for delays as this is the most common problem you’ll have when traveling.

And comprehensive plan includes coverage for a travel companion’s expenses as well. Some policies actually pay for a friend or family member to fly to your bedside.


Coverage for Evacuation and Repatriation

One of the costliest expenses in regards to a travel related accident is a Medivac. This could mean the difference between life and death. Especially if you’re traveling in remote areas with limited access to hospitals. This coverage will ensure that the thousands of dollars will not come out of your pocket.


Adventure Sports Coverage

Now this won’t matter to everyone. But for the adventurers like myself, you definitely need to get a coverage that covers sports like rock climbing, diving, martial arts, and atv riding. Some policies specifically list what sports they do and do not cover so be sure to ask. Adventure sports are inherently dangerous, regardless of the rest of your coverage, if you are participating in a sport that isn’t covered you can’t make a claim on your travel insurance.


Easy Claims Process

An easy claims process is essential. Especially when it’s being processed while you’re lying in a hospital bed. The easiest way to ensure this is to choose an insurer in your home country. For example, if you’re Australian pick an Australian travel insurance company. Not only will this speed up the claims process through familiarity, but also makes sure the company will be held accountable to the letter of the law.

Travel should be enjoyed in a carefree and exciting way. Having travel insurance allows you to do just that. Without the fear of accidents or paying for medical care you can truly enjoy the trip of a lifetime.



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