A trip to Dubrovnik isn’t complete without a day trip to the Elaphite Islands. The Elaphite Islands consist of eight major islands and five Islets (small island). Elaphite Islands also have numerous reefs and rocks that are just as cool to explore as the islands. During your tour you’ll visit the only three islands that are inhabited. Sipan, Kolocep, and Lopud. Each island is surprisingly different and unique. We took Adriana Cavtat simply because they had the biggest ship. I get motion sick on smaller boats so this was a win win for me. It’ll cost $250HRK/44USD. This was pretty much the standard price all tours were. Included is a lunch on the ship which was damn good and UNLIMITED ALCOHOL. Beer, Wine, water, and mixers. No a good idea on a hot day cruise but definitely appreciate. 

The Wall


The views of Dubrovnik, from the water, made this trip worth it alone. You can only imagine what this view was like before the tourist masses took it over. The harbors were once filled with merchants from around the world. Sailing along the coastline will definitely make you feel like you’re back in time. 


Sveti Andrija (Dubrovnik) island and lighthouse off the coast of Dubrovnik


Sveti Andrija (Dubrovnik) island and lighthouse off the coast of Dubrovnik,Croatia. This was taken during a cruise of the islands near Dubrovnik. On the right side in the background is Koločep, and in the foreground are “Grebeni” – it’s a local expression for “reefs” as they are too small to be an island.

Ships sailing around Lopud Croatia near Sunj Beach


Ships sailing around Lopud Croatia near Sunj Beach are common. This bay actually had about 15 boats anchored. Sunj Beach is a very popular destination as it has some of the clearest water in the area. Also miles and miles of coastline. 

TIP: Sunj is top optional. While there I saw my fair share of not so perky breast. Not that their is anything wrong with that. Just for the more “conservative” of you. Nudity isn’t an issue here. 

Sail boat near Kolocep Croatia

Ship Transport


This was our transport for the day. The crew was great. Helpful and hilarious. They also taught us the proper way to eat grilled fish. Something I never knew and will DEFINITELY use in the future. Surprisingly, I didn’t get sick at all. Tired, yes. We sat up top and as you can see, not much cover. 

Pink Rose on Lopud Island Croatia near Sunj Beach


Lopud island is beautiful. You see flowers, gardens, and organic farms all over. The people who live here have a great appreciation for nature and life. Several restaurants actually grow their own fruits and vegetables. I was told this was a bit more difficult during high season starting around July. 

Part of the Old Town wall from the sea



Paddle Borders off the coast of Lopud Island Croatia


Paddle boarding is just one of the many activities you can do off the coast of each island. Others include scuba diving, jet sking, and snorkeling. For the lazy like me there are plenty of beach chairs. 

Lighthouse off Dubrovnik coast

Boat rentals on Lopud Island

Cliffs of  Otok Kolocep Island Croatia near Dubrovnik


I was enchanted by these cliffs. Cliffs of  Otok Kolocep Island. There is an entire part of the island that’s inaccessible because they are stunning like this. Below me is a beautiful cove that you need to repel down too. 

Diving off the cliffs of Dubrovnik


Many hotels and resorts on the coast of Dubrovnik have realize their is limited real estate in the Old Town. Well never mind that. They’ve taken to opening bars on the cliffs. All along the coast you’ll find places like this. 

Fort Lovrijenac aka Red Keep from Game of Thrones

Franciscan church on Lopud island


Franciscan church on Lopud island. Greek, Roman, and Slavic ruins cover this island as it’s been inhabited for thousands of years. Many of the ruins are former churches and monasteries. Lopud residents actually have their own fleet of ships totally around 100. 

Boat in Dock of Sipan Island Croatia


Speaking of ship owners. This is one such owner. Many Croatia’s buy property and retire in places like Sipan. Seen here. I was told that several will give you transport between the islands. For a small fee of course. 

Blue boat in the bay of Sipan Island Croatia



The Elaphite (Elafiti) islands tour is a must. They are easily organized through most hotels, hostels, and guesthouse. If you don’t like their offering head over to the dock in Old Town Dubrovnik. The price should be around 250HRK and include lunch. Make sure you have three island stops and lunch included. You can also charter direct transport to any island you want, including the wonderful Lokrum. 

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