I’ve waited over 20 years to see Carlos Santana live. So when Singha Beer invited me and some friends to their Singha VIP Experience for the Carlos Santana Luminosity your in Bangkok, I jumped at the chance. Singha promotes several concerts in Bangkok at the Impact arena. Madonna earlier this year, Carlos Santana last nigh, and Take That in a few days. Just to name a few. Singha ensures guest not only have door to door service but an immersive music experience that you’ll always remember. Here’s our amazing experience seeing a musical legend and experiencing Thai hospitality.


Picked Up in Style with Libations

Singha Experience Carlos Santana Bangkok

We weren’t scheduled to leave until 5 pm. Although the concert was at 8, Bangkok traffic is a nightmare so I driver arrived early. Not only did he arrive early in a beautiful luxury van, but with grabbed to packs of ice cold Singha for us to enjoy on our ride to the Impact Arena. Definitely a bonus.

Riding to the Impact in style definitely put us in the mood to let loose a bit. Or maybe it was the Singha. Either way, we had a good ride over and upon arrival were plenty ready to hear some live music. Our driver dropped us off at the entrance closest to our seats and the Singha Premium Lounge where we were able to grab drinks to get us ready. Unfortunately cameras aren’t allowed in the venue but you can store them there.

Seats to Die For



We assumed our seats would be box seats. But for Santana, we received floor seats as the boxes weren’t being used. And boy were they great seats. I’ve always preferred floor seats. I enjoy the energy of the crowd. We had center seats near the middle of the arena. Close enough to the stage but far enough to take it all in.

Singha Beer at Singha Experience

I was especially impressed with how cool security was. The floor seats were divided into two sections with an aisle down the middle. Anyone that wanted to get up and dance was free to use the aisle. With many going right up to the stage. Although the crowd was a bit older, they definitely got energized.

A Legend Gives a Performance Lessons to A New Generation

Cindy Blackman Carlos Santana Drummer Singha Experience

I can write an entire article on this but I’ll give you the short version. Carlos Santana is brilliant and a legend. Our show opened with the legendary Thai band Carbao. Carabao did about 45 minutes before Carlos Santana hit the stage. What people fail to realize is the show isn’t about Santana. He’s created a show that not only highlights his band but at times allows them to overshadow him. Particularly is brilliant wife Cindy Blackman on drums.

Carlos Santana Bangkok

Santana masterfully orchestrated his band through his illustrious career. At times, encouraging improve based on crowd reactions and actively controlling the shows pace and tempo. It was like watching a jam session. I mentioned earlier his wife and drummer Cindy. I would be remised not to mention how truly brilliant she is.

First off, while every other musician would have a few songs off. Cindy played the entire show from start to finish. High tempo and precise. She’s truly the heartbeat of that band. Her solo routine earned her a standing ovation which was more deserved. This isn’t to say the rest of the band was any less spectacular.

From Santana to his horn section, you’re treated to a musical experience that’s hard to find. And with the Singha VIP Experience, you get to enjoy it in a way that few can. Fully immersed in the experience.


True Door to Door Service

The Singha VIP Experience is truly door to door. Our driver not only picked us up from our arena entrance/exit. He also dropped us all off at separate hotels. Earlier we had decided to all meet at the same hotel for convenience. Singha offers door to door service for all passengers. Not having to deal with the crowds, and being able to drink freely knowing we had a ride home made this experience extra special.

This concert was put on by Singha and we were invited guest of Singha for the Singha Experience.

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