When Singha invited me to see Take That and enjoy the Singha VIP Experience I was skeptical. I really didn’t know much about Take That but I did know how great the Singha Experience is after seeing Carlos Santana. So I agreed to go and can tell you, totally worth it. Granted, not a Take That fan but am a big fan of the Singha Experience. I traveled with the ladies of UrbaneBloc and DoseofLife. Gloria and Kanika. Here’s our experience.

Riding in Style

We all met at our friends hotel located near the center of Bangkok. In hindsight, this may not have been the best idea given the traffic but our driver definitely made the best of it. We were picked up in a large luxury van with room for six. As it was only three of us that was plenty. Our driver got us to the show with plenty of time to spare and set a perfect pickup location for after the show. Knowing you have private transportation after the event makes tossing back a few drinks that much more liberating.


After the concert, we breezed past the wall of taxi drivers trying to get us into their overpriced vehicles and hopped in our waiting transport. He dropped us each off where we wanted. A much needed accommodation for this experience and a definite highlight.


Pregaming with Irish Food and Singha

To my surprise, the Impact Arena has a good selection of affordable food options. From McDonalds to Irish, you won’t be hard up for choices to be honest. Bangkok’s weather has been great so we decided to grab dinner and drinks at the Irish pub. Singha of course.

After we grabbed dinner we headed into the Impact Arena. Which was swarming with middle aged British women excited to see their boy band crushes again. Singha has several counters and stands set up to provide copious amounts of Leo and Singha to concert goers. Much of which we were glad to see.


Take That Stepping Back in Time

Take That Bangkok Singha Experience
I’m going to admit that I really didn’t know anything about Take That. I’ve seen Robbie Williams perform before and Gary host a Got Talent show but that’s about it. So I came into this show totally oblivious to the impact these men had on so many women growing up. I think every British woman over the age of 25 living in Thailand came to this concert.

The female skewed audience aside, Take That put on a pretty good show for Bangkok. Even attempting to speak some Thai at one point in the show. I was especially impressed with the seats we received through the Singha Experience. Our seats were on the floor in the first seating area. Eight rows back. Giving us a perfect view of the stage and the side monitors.


Take That performed with a passion an energy you don’t see too often with modern artists. Let alone artists in their mid 40’s. Although geared toward the ladies, a Take That concert and be entertaining for the fellas as well.

Singha Experience Take That
The Only Way to See a Bangkok Concert

As my second Singha Experience I’m convinced this is the best way to see a concert in Bangkok. Door to door shuttle service, excellent seats, and word class service combine to give guest an unforgettable experience. So the next time you see your favorite bands coming through Bangkok, check to see if it’s sponsored by Singha and get yourself the Singha VIP Experience.

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