Sihisoara, Romania is a filler city. A place that’s in between larger cities and warrants a visit. I wouldn’t recommend spending more than a few hours here. Maybe a night. With that said, Sighisoara remains traditional Romanian and pure. Residents value there culture and are very proud of their city.   

Woman Walking in Sighisoara

I ended up speaking to this woman about getting older. She was on her way home from church and struck up a nice conversation with me. She told me to keep traveling the world. Her husband died in Australia 20 years ago in a boating accident. She moved back with her children. I asked why Sighisoara and she replied, “it’s home”. Most of the people I met were very nice and open.

Clock Tower from city park in Sighisoara, Romania

The Citadel Clock Tower can be seen from several places in the city. Like many old towns in Romania, people still live and work in these hundreds year old buildings. Most appear to be in far better shape than the modern buildings. Says a lot about craftsmanship.

New York Plaque on the Clock Tower in Sighisoara, Romania

New York city plaque from the Clock Tower. Sighisoara is a destination in it’s own right. Strewn around the tower are these small plaques with the name and distance of several major cities. I was looking for Austin but only found LA and NYC.

Menu and Candle at Aristocrat Cigar Bar and Club in Sighisoara, Romania

Aristocrat Cigar Bar and Club. This is an “old school” cigar bar. The menu consist of ALL Cuban cigars. Imagine my surprise to find this place in the middle of Transylvania. Upstairs is pretty much the only disco in the city. If you’re looking for a party, this is the place.

Man Cycling in Sighisoara

Sleepy Sunday in Sighisoara. There isn’t much going on in this city at all. I wandered the streets mid day and found very few people out.

Holy Trinity Church in Sighisoara, Romania

Holy Trinity Church at night is stunning. A bright spot on the river banks. It’s interesting as there isn’t much else around the church making it standout even more.

Guitarist playing on Scara acoperită stairs leading up the hill.

Covered staircase. 175 stairs of hell. lol. Kidding. Guitarist playing on Scara acoperită stairs leading up the Church on the Hill in. This visit to the historic Sighișoara Citadel was plagued by rain but lucky enough this tunnel was designed to protect students from such elements as they traveled to school and services. Unfortunately for me and my 12kgs of gear it’s a LONG way up as you can see. That little light in the middle is the bottom

School on the Hill in Sighisoara, Romania

School on the Hill. After climbing those nightmarish stairs, students would attend classes here and services and the Church on the hill which is next to it. Personally, I would be terrified to attend school so close to a cemetery.

Sighisoara Citadel Cemetery behind Church on the Hill Romania

Sighisoara Citadel Cemetery behind Church the Hill in Romania. As you can see it was raining that day which added a cool gloom over the cemetery. The place is still in use. I noticed some grave sites that were only a few years old and some that were over 200. Not a place I would want to spend the night but their views are spectacular.

Sighisoara Overlook During and Approaching storm from Clock Tower

View of Sighișoara from the Sighișoara Clock Tower and Museum during an approaching storm. This is at the entrance of the Citadel. The old city center and location of Vlad Draculs (Dracula’s father) house. The views from this tower are the highlight of Sighisoara for me.

Vlad Draculs House (Dracula) in Sighisoara, Romania

Vlad Draculs House. Pretty self explanatory. Vlad Dracul was the father of Vlad the Impaler or Dracula. This is where “Dracula” was born. Vlad Dracul was a knight of the Order of the Dragon. Dracul means Dragon or Devil in Romanian. And that’s where the name “Dracula” comes from. After traveling through Transylvania my views of all Dracula myths have been greatly tainted.

SPECIAL THANKS: I want to send a VERY special thank you to the staff and marketing team at BinderBubi Sighisoara Hotel. THE five star hotel in Sighisoara. An outstanding value. They  regularly have cool specials here. The on site restaurant is one of the best in Sighisoara. If you decide to stay overnight this is the place. Be sure to check out the spa and wine cellar. You won’t be disappointed.

Cetatea Medievala Sighisoara – Aerials from Phantom Video Productions on Vimeo.

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