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What happens when you take a blogger from the U.S., Canada, and Brazil, lock them in a room, and tell them to work together to get out? They die. That’s what happens. OK, Maybe not literally but if this was a miniseries we certainly would not have made it out alive. This is Real Room Escape Bucharest.

Tea House Bucharest Interior
When invited to participate in the Real Room Escape I immediately agreed. About two years ago I was invited to a similar game. In hindsight, that one was child’s play. If you really want to test your deductive and reasoning skills Real Room Escape will run you through your paces. No to mention strain friendships to their breaking point at times.


What is an Escape Game?
Escape room games have become quite popular in Europe over the last few years. Particularly in Budapest. Look up Bangkok on Tripadvisor and the number 1 activity in the city is an Escape game. Escape games place visitors in interactive scenarios where they, and their friends, must figure out clues to escape the experience in the allotted time. Games vary largely from place to place but follow a similar format.

Real Escape Room Bucharest Poster


Real Room Escape Bucharest Set Up
This game is located the famous Tea House Bucuresti. The game is aptly theme after a Tea Room. The basic story is fairly interesting. It’s part one of a twelve part series. You are in the shoes of a maid to this wealthy family. The madame you served tea to regularly has been poisoned and you are the suspect. Now locked in a room, it’s up to you to piece together clues to get out.

Real Escape Room Bucharest Radio

There are two versions. A single room game made for 2-3 players and a double room game made for more. The double room game requires both rooms to communicate through a telephone they must get working in BOTH rooms. Talk about teamwork.

Prior to the game you’re asked to sign a waiver and given specific instructions on what you can and cannot do. 99% of the room can be turned, pulled, moved, checked, or adjusted in some way. The 1% is marked clearly. LISTEN TO THE PRE DIRECTIONS. I really can’t stress this enough. Not only will it keep you safe but help you complete the game. Especially since the entire game is SPOILER ALERT!!!! In the dark.
In the game Experience

I’ll refrain from giving you any spoilers about this game because I don’t want any of you actually completing it because we couldn’t. lol. Myself, Dany, and Raymond are three highly educated and intelligent people. It sure as hell didn’t stop us from making some ridiculous mistakes.

Real Escape Room Bucharest Game props

So you enter into the dark room and are given flashlights and cryptic instructions. I starts with a single diary page and quickly spirals out of control into a ball of frustration, confusion, and pure hilarity. For example, after 20 minutes of trying to open the last damn safe Dany said nothing was in it……..Thank god for Raymond double checking because the key out was actually inside. Love you Dany. hehehe.

At about 45 minutes I was mentally drained. I seriously was a waste for my team. At this point I realized my life’s purpose. Hit things really hard until they do what I want. Unfortunately that’s not how Escape Games are designed.

Real Escape Room Bucharest Chess Pieces

Throughout the game you’re monitored by the “Gamemaster” who will occasionally give you clues. You only get 5 a game so use them wisely. And we need them ALL. Within the first 15 minutes you start to feel in over your head but excited when you open a door or figure out a puzzle. Imagine SAW without the deaths. That’s basically Real Room Escape Tea House.


After the game

After the game is over and you’re thoroughly humiliated, you get briefed on where you went wrong. My god. We are TERRIBLE. Personally I wish I hadn’t listen to the debrief because it just made me feel silly. How in the heck did I miss that? Constant emotion. Warmed my heart to know most teams don’t make it out. Here are a few tips for your next Escape Game.

Search EVERYWHERE. And I do mean everywhere. This should be the first thing you do. Find it and put it in a visible place near where you found it. DON’T REMOVE IT from it’s location until you know for sure it can be moved.

If you get stuck more than 5 minutes ask for a clue. And make sure everyone is paying attention. If you didn’t hear it ask them to repeat it.

READ READ READ everything regarding the game. Especially the journal pages and notes.

Stay calm. If something happens they can just open the door. No problem. Remember, it’s just a GAME. Don’t get too upset about your friends lack of basic comprehension skills.

Try different games. No two are alike. Each has it’s own flavor and style. Embrace it.



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