Nazi Flag hall at Schindlers Museum. Krakow Poland (X)


I’ve always¬† been fascinated by Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. My personal beliefs are somewhat controversial but their impact on western civilization can’t be denied. The Schindler Museum in Krakow, Poland is one of the outstanding examples of preservationist history I’ve seen. Too often, western historians try to frame the content based on their own beliefs and biases. The Schindler Museum presents history as it was and allows the audience to make up their minds. Replication of Poland and the original museum provides a window in the past that I’ve not seen anywhere else in the world. The ability to touch an actual Nazi flag or see a tank that rolled through the streets of Warsaw is quite impactful. This photograph caught me off guard. I came around a corner and was bombarded with this imagery. I attempted to capture this scene in such a way as to present the viewer with the overwhelming sense of propaganda you feel while walking through this tunnel.

The Minority Nomad

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