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The beautiful white sand Jimbaran coast has no shortage of high-end resorts. Stretched across the stunning Jimbaran Bay, the Intercontinental Bali has a special place in the rarefied Bali resort scene. Chief amongst their offerings is the outstanding Club Experience. The experience, billed as ‘An exclusive resort within a resort”, boast 24/7 Butler service, private pool access, an executive lounge with complimentary tea and cocktail hours, and several other outstanding experiences. As a recent winner of a World Luxury Hotel Award, the Intercontinental Bali is at the pinnacle of luxury resorts. Come with me as I spend three wonderful days experiencing traditional Balinese hospitality and the excellence we’ve come to expect from the Intercontinental brand.

The Intercontinental Club Experience truly has too many privileges to cover here. However, a few definitely stand out amongst the offerings. From the moment, you arrive at the Intercontinental Bali as a Club guest, you gain access to the spectacular 24/7 Club Lounge. Not only is the service top shelf, but The Club is secluded and designed with discerning taste in mind.

What Is The Club Experience? 

Intercontinental Bali Resort Club Lounge

Upon entry, you’ll notice not only the European colonial decor but a hint of Balinese style in the clubs open space. Located in an exclusive enclave that offers views of not only the beautiful main lagoon but the expertly manicured grounds, you immediately realize that you aren’t just another guest here. Sit back and enjoy the in-house pianist while sipping on delicious Rosella Tea and cooling off with lemongrass scented cold towels. Club Access includes private check-in service and personalized attention from the moment you arrive.

I found myself planning my days around the complimentary services offered at the Club. In addition to being one of the many on-site breakfast locations, you can enjoy tea time and cocktail hours here. Tea time (2-4pm) includes a huge assortment of English, Indian, and Balinese teas accompanied by a three-tiered cake stand. Each item was chosen and prepared by an exclusive Club Chef. Cocktail hour (4:30-730pm) is the perfect preparation for a wonderful night on site. Be careful. Their bartenders make the drinks STRONG!!! Some of the best I had in Bali and the Canapes are simply delicious. Although the Club has a no child policy during this time, they extend the service to the private Club pool and Sunset Bar and Grill which has STUNNING sunsets during this time. Both of these great services are overseen by an expertly trained staff of waiters and butlers.

Intercontinental Bali Resort Club Lounge

My companion had spent four months in Bali prior to our arrival. According to her, she learned more in three days about Balinese language, art, and culture from our Butler team than she did in her entire time prior. The Club Butler service is one of the most unique and well-delivered services of this package. Not only is your Butler there to serve your every need, but also to help you understand Balinese culture. Our team taught us so much. From how to use the coffee machine, which is harder than it seems, to how Balinese children are named. You can’t help but leave every interaction with them changed for the better. The ability to get personalized service at the press of a button is truly something you’ll hate leaving.

Club InterContinental Butler


Finally a Room With Character 

Measuring an impressive 58sqm, outfitted in beautiful indigenous woods, your room truly feels like a tiny oasis. It’s simply massive when compared to other rooms I’ve visited in Bali. Your bathroom not only has a walk in shower and tub, but a private walk in washroom as well. Each of the 77 Club rooms has a furnished balcony overlooking either the resort gardens or lagoons. But honestly, you likely won’t want to leave your room at all.

Something most guest may not notice is safe. Granted, most hotels have safes. But the safes in the Club rooms are laptop sized. For a digital nomad like myself, and in a world where most of us travel with laptops, it’s a thoughtful addition.

With ample space to move, luxury bathroom amenities from HARNN, premium espresso and tea bar, and blazing fast internet (rare on Bali), you’ll have ample reason to check in and stay in your room. But I can assure you, this resort definitely offers far more outside your lovely doors.

Intercontinental Resort Grounds. Why Leave?

Don’t believe for a second that the beauty and service end at the boundaries of your Club Access. Every aspect of the Intercontinental Bali has been carefully selected and maintained to ensure maximum service and pleasure for all guest. Simply put, this is one of the most well-maintained resorts in the world. From the beach chairs to the flowers, the Intercontinental puts on an invisible show of meticulosity that will have you questioning if this place is real.

Half way through my second day I began to look for anything out of place. A singed leaf, missing towel, even a candy wrapper on the ground would have sufficed. The grounds team just wouldn’t accommodate my journalistic endeavor. They truly are that good. And fast. You may be hard pressed to see them unless you rise early like me.

One of the unique attractions at the Intercontinental Bali is their main pool. I think this may be a bit of an understatement. More like their main water park. Open to all guest, the main pool, and Balinese Bath Pool, offer everything from a kiddie wading pool to interactive falls and fountains. All overseen by an attentive staff. Not to mention it’s only a few yards away from the stunning white sand Jimbaran Bay.


Intercontinental Bali Resort Balinese Pool

Dining is also of high priority at the Intercontinental Bali Resort. Club guest can choose from nine different dining options. From a romantic private meal under the stars to a Japanese Hibachi meal sure to please the whole family. I highly recommend the Sunset Beach Bar and Grill for some stunning sunsets while enjoying some Tapas. Also, Ko Japanese restaurant. A Balinese twist on a Japanese tradition.


Intercontinental Bali Sunset Beach Bar & Grill

Also housing a world class Spa, which I had the pleasure to visit, a Tennis Court, private Club Pool, and water sports area, you’ll be hard-pressed to not find something up your alley at this elite destination.

Intercontinental Bali Resort Leisure Activity Bicycling

Exceptional Service and Care

A house is only as good as those who built it. And the foundation of the Intercontinental Bali is very strong. During my stay, I witnessed another guest, and an elderly woman, appear to have a stroke. The fast response and compassion of the Intercontinental staff were nothing short of inspiring. The guest was given speedy medical attention and care. This scene only reinforced what I had already seen up to that point. Intercontinental Bali hires and trains their staff to ensure the safety of their guest and to ensure that they all have an excellent experience.

Intercontinental Bali Club Pool Butler in Food Counter


The Balinese hospitality so often touted is on full display here. From the groundskeepers to the butler team, everyone takes it upon themselves to ensure guest happiness. I had too many great experiences with staff to list them all but one stands out.

Our second day we had a bicycle tour through a local village planned. It rained all morning and we had to push our trip back. Even though we began late, our guide ensured we saw as much as possible even though the trip schedule was totally off. Our guide, Madee, taught us about Balinese religion, fishing culture, language, and hospitality. He was a great guide an outstanding ambassador for the Balinese people and Intercontinental Bali.

Award Winning Quality And Service

The awards just seem to be piling up for Intercontinental Bali. In addition to receiving the prestigious World Luxury Hotel Award and their fourth straight Holiday with Kids Award, they were also recently awarded the Platinum Award from Tri Hita Karana. This award recognizes the Intercontinental Bali Resort’s achievements in incorporating sustainable spiritual, social, and environmental principles and practices into their daily operations. Through various community initiatives and charitable givings, Intercontinental Bali is leading the way among Bali resorts in terms of giving back.

Bali has some of the best resorts on the planet. And the Intercontinental Bali is certainly among the elite. With beautiful facilities, excellent food, and world class service, they’ll ensure that you’ll have the vacation you’ve dreamed of. The Intercontinental Bali Club Experience is the only real way to vacation in Bali.

Brought to you it partnership with the amazing Intercontinental Bali Resort


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