Guest are immediately treated to a level of style and sophistication that would be expected given the location of this historic hotel. The House Hotel Nisantasi is located in the middle of the Champs Elysées of Istanbul, Abdi İpekçi Caddesi. The famed Nisantasi district. House Hotel is the perfect location for serious shoppers and couples alike. Modern amenities, a great location, and stellar staff makes it one of the premier properties in Istanbul. Located above the Prada boutique, this property lets you immerse yourself in true style.

The House Hotel Nisantasi Night



House Hotel Nisantasi has 44 rooms, each expertly designed by Autoban. The premier design firm in Turkey. I stayed in a deluxe room. The set up was fairly straight forward by western standards. I found the bed to be nice and soft, which some may not enjoy but I LOVE a soft mattress. Be sure to ask when you check in if there is an option to get a firmer bed. Reception seemed to accommodate all of the guest request to the best of their abilities throughout my stay. The television had a decent selection of Turkish and English channels. The little extras were impressive.

The House Hotel Chocolates and Deluxe Room
Now mints and chocolates on the pillow may be hotel cliché, but they sure still get this writer going. Each room gets delicious gourmet chocolates. The bar is fully stocked with premium wine and liquor. In a conservative city like Istanbul, this is definitely a welcome feature for those who prefer to drink in private. Each room type is fairly similar, but truly get impressive at the higher end.

House Nisantasi has the Junior Suite, Terrace Deluxe, and Terrace Junior Suite. For the business traveler I would recommend the Terrace Deluxe or Junior Suite. Each room type offers extra space for professionals to work as well as desk space specifically catering to your needs.

The House Hotel Nisantasi Junior Suite

The House Hotel Nisantasi Classic

For couples, definitely the Terrace Junior Suite. The Terrace Junior Suite offers ample space for two people. The terrace almost runs the length of the room and provides some stunning views of the Nisantasi area.

The House Hotel Nisantasi Terrace Junior Suite

The House Hotel Nisantasi Balcony

The staff at the House Hotel Nisantasi go above and beyond for their guest. I had a desk manager whom gave me some of the best directions and suggestions I received the entire time I was in Istanbul. Their professionalism and pure charm will make you want to stay long beyond your reservation. I want to highlight the restaurant staff. That group is truly a highlight for this property as they not only ensure you’re meal is great but your overall stay. I noticed they interacted with guest personally as opposed to managing dishes as I see so often.

The House Hotel Nisantasi Reception

English was widely spoken by most of the staff. Far better than my terrible Turkish. So if you’re a native English speaker you’ll the just fine here. We truly felt like they thoroughly cared about each and every customer. Even going so far as to serenade a young Turkish girl (who was crying for some reason) at breakfast. The House Hotel Nisantasi’s staff understands the human element to hoteling. Something many have forgotten.

The House Hotel Nisantasi Breakfast


Additional Facilities (Spa, Bar, etc, etc)

Unfortunately this location doesn’t have as many extra facilities as several of the other House properties. Their gym is relatively small but works well for the limited number of rooms here. It does have a great view of the Marmara Sea when shades are up. Perfect for a morning workout.

The restaurant/library lounge area, near reception, is a great place to have a tea and read. I found myself spending quite a bit of time admiring the book collection here. Grab a drink or dinner here.

The House Hotel Nisantasi Bar

The House Hotel Nisantasi Gym



This is easily the best part of staying at The House Hotel Nisantasi. If you’re in Istanbul to shop you can’t choose a better location. Located next Prada, House Hotel Nisantasi is very close to some prime shopping. Around the corner you’ll also find the impressive mall The City. Which house even more luxury brands and restaurants.

For those in Istanbul to site see you’ll have plenty of options. While close to several modes of public transportation, you can walk to several historical sites in the area.

Take some time to really explore Nisantasi. I was very impressed with the small cafes and fashion boutiques that largely cater to locals. Although the area is relatively posh, the prices are no higher than most western cities.



House Hotel Nisantasi  is around the corner from the beautiful Maçka Democracy Park where you can have a stunning sunset stroll or picnic with the Turkish families. This park is truly a gem in the concrete jungle that is Istanbul. A bit further south you’ll run into Dolmabahçe Palace on the Bosphorus. A must visit for anyone seeing Istanbul. House Hotel Nisantasi offers excellent directions and suggestions for other attractions in the area.

Maçka Democracy Park in Istanbul

dolmabahce palace clock tower


Who it’s for and who it’s not

ANYONE looking for a higher class of hotel experience and shopping will find exactly what they want by staying here. I feel they largely cater to a high class clientele. Business professionals or those looking to shop the day away. The location sets Nisantasi apart for the shopping crowd as that’s the primary focus of this district. Not to mention some truly outstanding bars and restaurants. Some of the best in Istanbul reside within walking distance.

I wouldn’t recommend this for families or heavy partiers. Not to say either aren’t welcome, but the location and amenities don’t particularly cater to these groups. I would recommend one of the other outstanding House Hotel properties.

With that said, House Hotel Nisantasi strives to ensure all of their guest have an enjoyable experience at this top of the line luxury hotel.


Brought to you by The House Nisantasi (all opinions are solely MINE!!!!)

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