Be ready for Opportunities

When opportunity knocks you better answer. But in this job it’s important to vet every “opportunity” with discretion. So when I received an email from someone claiming to be from WordPress offering me a speaking opportunity I was hesitant. SPAM SPAM SPAM is what popped in my head. Why in the world would WordPress be offering me a speaking gig? I mean we know how great I am but how did they find out?

After some emails back and forth, and a great Skype call, it turned out to be legit. WOW!!! And now the dilemma. The problem with being a travel journalist…….TRAVEL! You see I was already booked through the summer on press trips and personal travel. The Philippines, Tanzania, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and China. All with a follow up tour of Europe. This would throw my entire year of travel out of wack. While analyzing the opportunity, and consulting with my blogging mentor, I kept coming back to one thing. How much this will help my foundation.

What a platform to not only help and inspire people but to further the message of A World Beyond Youth Exploration. MinorityNomad was started to put the face of an African American man traveling out there. To allow low income kids to see someone like them doing something many don’t believe possible. With a few emails and calls my year of travel changed. And it runs through Portland for Press Publish.

This will also be my first time to Portland. As a born east coaster, I’m curious to see what this city has to offer. Over the years I’ve heard nothing but good things. I’ll be arriving a few days earlier to speak to some very intelligent young brothers and sisters at iurbanteen.org, also facilitated by Automattic, and exploring this historic city.


Speaking at Press Publish

Being invited to speak at the first conference hosted by Automattic, creators of WordPress, is an honor to put it mildly. And being the opening speaker of said conference is mind blowing. When I started this blogging adventure in 2012 I never could have imagined my career would be where it is today. And despite all the amazing opportunities that come my goal is still the same. To expose as many low income students and people of color to international travel as possible. A sentiment that Automattic shares and supports. 
I’ll be speaking on how I turned my blog into a successful travel journalism career. In the time I’m allotted, I hope to show people that despite your socio economic background, sex, race, or anything else, you can make a difference in the world around you. Their giving me a microphone for 30 minutes with a captive audience. This can only end well right? And did I mention I’ll be the first speaker of the first event of this kind? Presureeeeeeee!!!!

In honor of this amazing opportunity, I plan to do something I have never tried. As the events name says, Press Publish. Every day until I speak, I’ll post a new piece of content on this blog. Definitely come back daily to catch my new content. I assure you it will be entertaining to say the least. 


Special Bonus for my Readers

Get ready for some SPEAKER SWAGGGGGGG. Anyone who wants to come and see me, or any of the other amazing bloggers, speak can get a 40% discount with the PROMO CODE: NOMAD40 
Press Publish tickets also come with either a year of WordPress.com Premium upgrade or, for self-hosted blogs, a 1-year subscription to the VaultPress Backup Bundle. Either option is a $99 value, and paired with the 40% discount, this makes tickets a really great deal.

ALSO, I’m running a giveaway. I’ll be giving away one free ticket to my event or the event in Phoenix April 18th. All you need to do is comment below and share this article somewhere on social media. Easy Peasy. Winner will be announced Monday morning so you have the weekend.

Check out my Speaker Bio.

So how do you think i’ll do speaking in from of an audience? Should I be nervous? What advice would you give me on preparing for this event? Any Portland Advice? 

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