Berlin is the capital of Street Art. While New York City and London both have valid claims, Berlin has taken their commitment to street art to another level. It’s already home to the worlds longest open-air gallery, The East Side Gallery. It’s now home to Urban Nation. Also known as the Museum for Urban Contemporary Art. And what a museum this place is. What makes Urban Nation so special is how they’ve managed to turn the entire Schöneberg neighborhood into a Street Art exhibition. With artists “tagging” and displaying all around the museum. Both officially and unofficially. Now I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I’ve shot graffiti in London, Austin. NYC, Berlin, Buenos Aires, and Santiago Chile. So I’ve seen my share of pieces and fully expected to be underwhelmed. Let me tell you, I was dead wrong. 

Featuring hundreds of artists including Banksy, Blek le Rat, and Sandra Chevrier, the sheer volume of art is more than enough to keep even the savviest critic on their toes. But Urban Nation stands out by featuring a variety of techniques from around the world. Too often, street art is placed in a box. With many only knowing the techniques and styles of those that work near them. You’ll find Stencilling, Installations, Postering, Sculpture, Collage, and several other techniques. From artists around the world. 

And here’s the kicker, it’s free. Urban Nation doesn’t charge one dime for its exhibits. Truly in line with the counterculture of Street Art. Berlin is already my favorite museum city in the world. Urban Nation adds to the must-see stops for any museum lover. 

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