Pucari Vineyard Wine Tasting Sommelier

Best Vineyards in Moldova: Touring Moldovan Wine Culture with #DescoperaMoldova

Moldova has some of the worlds best wine. Whites, Reds, and Roses are on full display in this undiscovered gem. Here are my favorites and what you can expect from each vineyard tour.

MyGayPride Tattoo Abs

My First Gay Pride Experience at Barcelona Pride 2015

My First Gay Pride Experience at Barcelona Pride was eye opening. It reminded me of the struggle LGBTI peoples face and what we can do as straights to help ease that burden a bit. It’s time for a change and it all starts with dialogue.

Laocoön and His Sons at Vatican Museum

Vatican Collection: Touring the Vatican Museum with Context Travel

Vatican Museum History The Vatican Museum can be traced back to the early 16th century. It wasn’t until the Lateran Treaty with Mussolini in 1929 that the Holy See, and in turn the Vatican Museum, became the true center of Catholicism and its history. Pope Julius the II, founder of the museums, couldn’t have seen […]


Sexuality, Race, and #MyGayPride

This summer i’m joining 16 LGBTI and straight allied bloggers covering Gay Pride Events in Barcelona, Ibiza, and Copenhagen beginning with Barcelona Pride on June 24th. #mygaypride and it’s members is meant to celebrate the LGBTI community and the battle for equal rights and representation for the LGBTI community. Here’s my experience with homophobia and change.

Owner Mustafa at Pastisseria Principe

Exploring the Barcelona Food Scene with Devour Barcelona

Nestled beyond the glamour of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou, and beautiful beaches, is the Catalan neighborhood of Galicia. Although part of Spain in every way, you’ll see Catalan flags, hear Catalan spoken, and yes, eat Catalan food. This neighborhood in itself is like visiting another country. The cuisine however is grounded in Spanish tradition with just enough style and flare to set it apart from it’s more popular cousin. Devour Barcelona invited me to experience their morning food tour and I’m happy to report they didn’t disappoint. From eccentric and engaging restaurateurs to delicious and filling dishes, guest got their monies worth and then some. Not stereotypical Spanish dishes here. Truly a unique experience. Check out our experience below.

Gold Restuarant Owner in Cape Town

Discovering South Africa and Why I Fell in Love There

As a member of the #MeetSouthAfrica team I was exposed to a large cross section of South African history and culture. From their food to their politics, I found this country frustrating and fascinating at the same time. Here I dig a bit deeper into the things that really stayed with me once I left the beautiful and diverse, South Africa

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