6 Travel Themed New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Year after year we all do it. We make these lofty goals in mid-December for the New Year and poof. By Mid January, their gone. And one of the main reasons is the fact people make ridiculously ambitious and difficult resolutions. Hard is relative. But here are a few travel-related resolutions that can easily be fulfilled in the coming 12 months of 2017.

Okinawan woman laughs while picking Greens

The People of Okinawa: Life in Portraits

We take a tour through Okinawa Japan through portraits of it’s people. Young and old, Okinawa has a vibrant and active population. One must interact and engage with them to truly understand this Prefecture. A rewarding experience.

Woman selling Xiao Long Tang Bao at Shilin Night Market Taipei Taiwan

Exploring Taipei Night Markets: Food, Face, and Electric Places

  The night markets of Taipei really need no introduction. Regarded as some of the best night markets in the world, Taipei hosts some of the best food vendors in Asia. In this photo essay, I visited Shilin Night Market, Raohe Night Market, Tonghua Night Market. Although a bit similar, you’ll certainly choose one as […]

How Travel Ruins Friendships and Keeping The Ones That Matter

Long term travel is constantly lauded for it’s benefits but rarely it’s drawbacks. One of those drawbacks is the strain long term travel places on personal relationships. Now this is going to be different from person to person but one thing is consistent. Long term travel impacts friendships, in both good and bad ways. But […]

Tourist and Monkey at Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud Indonesia

What You Should Look For When Choosing Travel Insurance

Part of what makes travel so special is the unpredictability of it. Unfortunately, sometimes this unpredictability can have life changing consequences. And if you aren’t prepared, it can be a very expensive and life threatening situation. Which is why purchasing travel insurance before you hit the road. But with so many companies offering travel insurance, […]

LE DU Bangkok Wine Selection Bar

How to Spend a Romantic Weekend in Bangkok

Bangkok probably doesn’t come to mind when you think of romantic cities. But this urban jungle has much to offer romance seekers. From some of the world’s best luxury accommodations, to Asia’s best shopping experiences. Bangkok is a great place to have a romantic weekend. Here i’ll give you a few tips on how to […]

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